Atami Ropeway

Feel the sea and sky!

The Atami Ropeway is located only a stone's throw away from the port in the popular hot spring resort of Atami. In just three minutes it will whisk you up to the top of Hachimanyama and the observation deck that sits atop the small bluff known colloquially as Aijo Cape.

From the Umisora Terrace at the edge of the cape you will be treated to spectacular 270 degree-wide panoramic views of the sea and sky. To the left you can gaze across Atami Bay, while immediately down below is the hot spring town of Atami itself. Looking straight ahead you can see the Manazuru Peninsular, and beyond that Miura Misaki and the Boso Peninsular. As you train your eyes on the horizon—which may give you a sense of the curvature of the earth—and follow it around to your right, you will see the island of Hatsushima to the south of Sagami Bay and then in the background the imposing island silhouette of Izu Oshima. To the right you can see Nishikigaura, a precipitous cliff of scenic beauty, and the lush green mountain ranges of the Izu Peninsular stretching away to the south.

At the summit observation deck you can check your romantic fortune in the shrine of love, take a photo with your loved one next to the monument dedicated to love, or visit the Umi Sora Café for one of their famous soft serve ice creams. And there are other fun things to do nearby: visit the Atami Hihokan "adult museum" (possibly Japan's last ever); the historical Atami Castle (well known for its beautiful cherry blossoms); and the Atami Trick Art Museum (a family favorite). Next time you are in Atami come and take in the magnificent views by riding the Atami Ropeway!

50 minutes from Tokyo on the JR lines

From Tokyo

Travel time (From Tokyo to Atami:)
Approximately 35 minutes on the Hikari Tokaido Shinkansen, 50 minutes on the Kodama Tokaido Shinkansen, 90 minutes on the Tokaido Line rapid service, or 110 minutes on the Tokaido Line local service.

From Osaka

Time Required
From Shin-Osaka to Atami: Approximately 150 minutes on the Hikari Tokaido Shinkansen or 190 minutes on the Kodama Tokaido Shinkansen.
From Nagoya to Atami: Approximately 90 minutes on the Hikari Tokaido Shinkansen or 120 minutes on the Kodama Tokaido Shinkansen.

From Atami Station to Atami Ropeway base station

●By taxi
Approximately 10 minutes from the Atami Station taxi rank.
●By bus
Approximately 10 minutes from Atami Station on route 7 bound for Atami Port and Korakuen. Get off at Korakuen, the last stop.
●By Yu-Yu Bus
Approximately 8 minutes from Atami Station. Get off at Marine Spa Atami. A further 4-minute walk.
Atami Bay Resort Korakuen shuttle bus
You can also ride the free shuttle bus service to Atami Bay Resort Korakuen, which is situated adjacent to the Atami Ropeway base station.

From Atami Station to Atami Hihokan (adult museum)

●By taxi
Approximately 15 minutes from the Atami Station taxi rank.
●By Yu-Yu Bus
Approximately 20 minutes by Yu-Yu Bus from Atami Station. Get off at Atami Castle. A further 3-minute walk.



  One way Round trip
Adults 400 JPY 700 JPY
Chirdren 300 JPY 400 JPY

* Adults → Age 13+

* Chirdren → Age 4–12

* Infants under the age of 4 ride free

Return trip fare & entry to Atami Hihokan (adult museum)

Adults 1,900 JPY

* No entry to persons under the age of 18

Regular holiday
No regular holiday (service may be suspended due to bad weather)
Operating hours
First departure at 9:30 (last service going up at 17:00 / last service going down at 17:30)
Service interval
Roughly 10 minute intervals
Maximum capacity
31 people (including one guide)

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